Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(fanci pork, saigon sandwiches, 2009)

entry one in the vietamese sandwich journal. i'd heard lots of hype about these dirt cheap sandwich shops scattered across the tenderloin and since i cut through the 'loin on my way to work, i figured "LET'S SEE WHAT ALL THE HYPE IS ABOUT"

stop one brings us to the establishment deemed as the quintessential vietamese sandwich shop by "credible" review sites like yelp and google.

it was pretty good. the bread has a very hard outer crust, makes the first chomp a little tough. my decision to try the fanci pork did not make a good first impression. pork in spam form. spork the food?

but i'm into the lack of sauce or condiment. just some meat, fresh parsley, sliced jalapeno, and carrots.

next stop: baguette express!

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